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What is the difference between paper bag printing and paper box in application


The difference between paper bag printing and paper box is that the flute direction of the box is parallel to the width of the blank cardboard, while the flute direction of the wrapping carton is parallel to the length of the cardboard: the box joint is connected to the main box surface, while the wrapping carton is connected to the side box surface; the indentation line of the inside and outside of the box is on a straight line, but the wrapping box is different.

In terms of application, it is not like the standard carton, which completes the whole process of the carton in the carton factory, and then fills the content into the box after arriving at the user's factory. Instead, it only delivers the die-cut carton blank to the packaging user, and the user Use an automatic packaging machine to place the contents and then roll them into boxes. Compared with standard boxes, handbag printing is characterized by less materials, and the cartons are closely attached to the contents, which can realize high-speed automation. Carton split cartons can be divided into two or more in the circulation process. First of all, the contradiction between mass production and small batch sales must be resolved. The separate carton can be combined with various auxiliary materials on the basis of the traditional standard box type to combine the small box type, or a new molding method can be used.

Handbag printing is a one-page forming of the box body and the corner lining, and the four corners of the corrugated box form a triangular or right-angled column structure, thereby increasing the compressive strength by 20% -50%. There are two types of triangular column cartons: tray and sealed, and there are a variety of box types to choose from.

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