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What is the principle of washable crayons


Washable crayons are designed to be easily washable from most surfaces and fabrics. The principle behind washable crayons is the use of a special wax that is designed to be water-soluble. This type of wax allows the crayon markings to be easily washed away with water and soap.

The washable wax used in these crayons is typically a blend of different types of waxes that are chosen for their ability to easily dissolve in water. The blend of waxes used in washable crayons is also designed to have a smooth and consistent texture, which makes them easy to apply and use.

Additionally, washable crayons often have non-toxic formulations that are safe for children to use. These formulations are made with ingredients that are safe for ingestion and do not contain harmful chemicals or heavy metals.

Overall, the principle of washable crayons is to provide a high-quality coloring experience that is safe and easy to clean up. By using special wax blends and non-toxic formulations, washable crayons are a great choice for parents and educators who want to provide children with a fun and safe coloring experience.

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