Nutrition Bar Energy

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As a kind of nutrition bar energy, compressed biscuits are very popular. Our compressed biscuits have 7 different flavors, different weights, vacuum packaging, convenient storage, and a shelf life of up to 20 years, widely used.


After the earthquake, many people used nutrition bar energy as their staple food in emergency. It is suitable for long-term storage and transportation because it is sterilized under high temperature and pressure during expansion. It is sanitary and convenient to use plastic bags for packaging, which is very suitable for earthquake victims. The nutrition bar energy is a kind of portable food specially prepared according to the nutritional components required by the human body every day. In an emergency, the nutrition bar energy carried can basically meet the heat requirements of the human body. But they usually have to eat compressed biscuits in an emergency. At the beginning, I thought it was delicious and delicious. Our compressed biscuits are packed in 120 grams, with 450-500 kilocalories, which is about 100-150 kilocalories higher than a meal (two rice, some vegetables and meat). Nutrition bar energy can be eaten dry, but it is better to drink a mouthful of water and eat a mouthful of compressed biscuits.


For people who like to travel or often go on business trips, they don't want to take a lot of luggage and parcels with them. Nutrition bar energy is a good choice. They are easy to carry, eat, and fill their stomachs. Therefore, many people like to eat compressed biscuits.


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